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The Empowerment Campaign

Cancer Awareness

Since October 2014, the Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children in partnership with the Belize Cancer Society and Pink Boutique has organized an annual cancer awareness photoshoot featuring female cancer survivors of all ages from across the country to empower survivors, give hope to those still fighting the disease and, encourage positive health-seeking behavior in the general public, including annual screenings and self-breast examinations as part of Belize’s activities for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

By launching an annual cancer awareness flyer, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow hopes that by highlighting so many strong and courageous cancer surviving women each year, that any person who may be suffering from the thought of their new diagnosis or even fearing being screened, will view these cancer survivors as a beacon of hope, strength, and courage. 


Sincere gratitude is also extended to the sponsors of this event, the Belize Cancer Society, Pink Boutique, Simi's Beauty SALON, Makeup by Tania Tanesha and all others who make this yearly photoshoot  a success.