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A Christmas Concert to Inspire

Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is a time of love, laughter, sharing and giving back, and as a result, Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children, since 2011 has hosted her annual Spirit of Christmas Concert at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts where children and adolescents with disabilities and those living in childcare institutions across Belize can enjoy and bask in the Spirit of Christmas.

During the show, the children are treated to three hours of fun and entertainment provided by local artists, mascots and performers. Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow provides each home and institution, with a token of appreciation for their hard work in taking care of the vulnerable children in the homes and special education centers. Every child in the audience also receives a small gift and snack-box at the end of the show.

This much-anticipated children’s event is made possible with annual sponsors like the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), NICH, Love FM and Love TV, Santiago Castillo Ltd., Brodies, Publics, Grace Kennedy, Madisco and Digi, who all see the importance of blessing these children for Christmas.