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Construction and Establishment

The Inspiration Center

In 2008, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow conducted a countrywide tour to gain better insight into the condition of children living in Belize. She visited residential facilities for abused and neglected children, schools, and various other organizations serving the needs of children.


It was during her tour that she noted that children with disabilities were one of the most marginalized and excluded groups in society. Facing daily discrimination, due to public stigma and lack of adequate policies and programs, children with disabilities struggle with many barriers to realizing their rights.

She recognized that more than just advocacy was needed, these circumstances demanded concrete action, and as such, embarked on a mission to construct two much-needed facilities designed to improve the lives of some of Belize’s most vulnerable children, The Inspiration Center and the PICU/NICU.

The first of these facilities, The Inspiration Center, provides integrated medical and therapy services to children with disabilities, including speech therapy; VitalStim Therapy System that is used to help patients who have difficulty swallowing and various forms of physical therapies, including the Ponsetti Method and Tendon Stretching; hearing screening; medical evaluations; and group play sessions.


Funds to build the Inspiration Center were sourced from a variety of national and international donors and ordinary Belizean citizens who believed in Mrs. Simplis Barrow’s vision for a dedicated center for children with disabilities. 

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