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Brave, Bold, Bald and Beautiful

Baldmiration Campaign


In 2012, the Communication Skills class of the University of Belize Faculty of Education and Arts teamed up with the Belize Cancer Society and Jonze Unisex Salon to launch a public awareness campaign entitled “Baldmiration” headed by University lecturer, Dr. Silvaana Udz. Many of the students shaved their heads to stand in solidarity with Mrs. Simplis Barrow, who knew she would have lost her hair during chemotherapy.


The class was inspired by Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow’s decision to publicly share her fight against cancer as well as her bravery in deciding to go bald in public.

A total of twenty-two students (seven female and fifteen male) and one female lecturer bravely and publicly shaved their heads. Additionally, another 100 university students and faculty dyed their hair pink and other cancer-ribbon associated colors in support of family, friends or colleagues who have battled with the disease.

The Baldmiration Campaign directly addressed the stigma and shame that many individuals experience upon receiving a cancer diagnosis and undergoing the physical changes that are a part of the treatment of the disease. In doing so, the Campaign magnified the quiet but powerful message that Mrs. Simplis Barrow was already sending by going bald in public. 

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