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 A Legal Framework For The Protection of Children

Legislative Changes

In 2013, Mrs. Simplis Barrow joined other stakeholders in lobbying for the passage of three pieces of legislation to provide better protections for sexual abuse and exploitation. These efforts led to the passage of the revised Trafficking in Persons (Prohibition) Act and Commercial Exploitation of Children (Prohibition) Act, as well as extensive amendments to the Criminal Code of Belize. 


Together these laws provide a comprehensive legal framework for the protection of children and other vulnerable adults from modern-day slavery and provide equal protection for boys and girls from statutory rape and other forms of sexual abuse and exploitation. The new laws also prescribe higher penalties, as well as more expansive provisions for the various types of sexual violations against children.

The Special Envoy mobilized students to accompany her to attend the House of Representatives Meeting on December 12th, 2013 when the Bill was being considered because she believed that since the amendments are to benefit children, they should be represented at the Parliament. The Criminal Code Amendment Bill and the other two pieces of legislation passed with unanimous support from Parliamentarians of all political persuasions. 

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